Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nono felt scarf workshop 羊毛混纖製作

Now Hong Kong is into hot summer, a group of enthusiastic volunteers from a NGO was still interested in wool felt. Thankful for their engagement and glad to introduce the session of making a basic nuno felt scarf that's airy in summer air-con indoor and warm in winter days.

A group of 10 persons working in the spacious venue

They started layering wool
Each of different layout of preferred colour

Some like black and white
Some like colourful 
After all the steps of wool layering, wetting, covered with net rubbing, rolling and fulling..... All done in 2.5 hours.

Thank you for the group's engagement in all the settings. The first piece of nuno felt was an introduction to wool felt. I hope they would like to explore the versatility of wool and I'm more than happy to share my skills.


  1. Such a variety of colour and effect!

  2. The scarves are very colourful and beautiful. It's nice to be working in a spacious venue that is air conditioned!


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